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Giraud Carbide Trimmer Blade

Giraud Carbide Trimmer Blade - one piece carbide insert with three separate cutting surfaces on each blade.

The Giraud Carbide Trimmer Blade is designed to cut a shallow taper on the inside of the case mouth as well as a standard chamfer on the outside of each case trimmed.   Ground from solid carbide, this blade will trim more cases than most shooters will ever see in a lifetime.  And do it just as smoothly each and every time you use it.  

Detailed instructions and a sample case are provided with each blade to help you get the blade running properly in a minimum amount of time.

Key Benefits

bulletThe inside cutting surface is set at 15 degrees to facilitate the seating of coated VLD style bullets. 
bulletUsing this blade to trim to length, inside chamfer, and outside chamfer will save two steps in most reloading applications.  
bulletThis blade will fit all Giraud Powered Case Trimmers and also the popular Gracey Powered Case Trimmer.


Description SKU # Price
Giraud Carbide Blade GCB1


Trimmer blade instructions for installing the Giraud Carbide Blade in the Gracey Power trimmer.

Texas residents will be charged 8.25% State Sales Tax.