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Motor Upgrades for Gracey Trimmers


After doing one for a local shooter who let me install his, I found that there is a much cleaner way to install one rather than the hodgepodge and duct tape method described elsewhere.  I have attached a link to a .pdf file of the instructions, complete with photos.  You will need few hand tools and have to drill one 1/4" hole in the motor bracket, but it yields a much nicer finished product.  Click here to see the complete instructions.  If you have any questions about it or need help, please contact me and I will be glad to talk you though it or help you.

As a package deal, I will furnish a new motor, 6' power cord, power switch with box, and pre-wire it all up for you.  All you have to do is remove the old motor on your existing Gracey and replace with this new one. 

With the new motor you will get the improved cutting action of a 3000rpm motor versus the 1500rpm motor furnished  with the trimmer originally.

Key Benefits

bulletSmoother and faster cutting when used in conjunction with my carbide cutting blade.
bulletA longer power cord.
bulletAn ON-OFF switch so you don't have to run and unplug the trimmer directly out of the wall or extension cord.


Description SKU # Price
Motor Upgrade with new motor GMU1


Motor Upgrade with new motor and carbide blade. GMU2


This price does not include shipping.  Shipping charges will be calculated per your zip code and Post Office rates then added to the price.  Compare this price and additional stuff to the W.W.Grainger price of over $175 in the latest catalog for just the motor alone.

Texas residents will be charged 8.25% State Sales Tax.