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Giraud Cartridge Case Annealer

US Patent #8,728,386

Available starting at $470.00

 Giraud Cartridge Case Annealer - Finally, a complete power annealer for reconditioning high power rifle cartridge cases. 

Comes with an automatic case feeder and propane torch.

Here is video of the machine in action on youtube.com

Here is a video of the Giraud Annealer with a Fluxeon induction unit in action

Due to ITAR regulations of automated loading equipment, this device is not available for international sale. 



Induction Heating made easy -  Coming soon, the Annie induction unit by Fluxeon

mated with the Giraud Case Annealer for flameless induction heat annealing.




The Giraud Cartridge Case Annealer  is a dedicated tool designed for the highpower shooter who reloads his own ammunition.  The annealer allows a reloader to maintain their cases for uniform case neck tension and prevent work hardening of the case mouths from repeated resizing and firing in a efficient and timely manner.  Constructed out of sturdy powder coated sheet metal, stainless steel, 6061-T6 aluminum and stainless steel hardware, the trimmer is designed to outlast a lifetime.  Truly a precision tool.

Key Benefits

The power to drive the annealer comes from a variable speed DC gear motor controlled by a microprocessor based pulse width modulated motor control unit. 
The annealer is designed for volume usage.  The automatic case feeder can handle several hundred .223 sized cases at a time.  The case feeder can handle cases from .17 Remington thru .50BMG size cases by only  changing of the feeder wheel discs, a two minute task.
The variable speed DC motor drives the feeder trolley and disc assembly smoothly and repeatably without problem.
Dedicated power switch to turn the unit off and on.  Simple adjustment knob to control the feeder trolley speed at the users discretion. 
Solid metal base with screw mounted rubber mounting feet to prevent unnecessary marring of table tops and work surfaces.
Interchangeable feeder disc wheels available for most cartridge case sizes so you can set the machine for optimal performance for a specific cartridge case size with little to no adjustments required.

Pricing & Available Calibers                                                                                                                         Annealed cases compared to unprocessed cases    




Complete, .223 sized cases PA223 $470.00
Complete, .308 sized cases PA308 $470.00
Complete, ..30-06 sized cases PA3006 $470.00
Complete, .300 Win Mag sized cases PA300WM $470.00
Complete, ..300 RUM, RSAUM, WSM sized cases PARUMWSM $470.00
Complete, .338 Lapua, Norma Mag sized cases PA338LN $470.00
Complete, .50BMG sized cases PA50BMG $470.00
Additional Feeder Wheel Discs for any of the calibers listed above FWD $20.00
Additional Flat Transfer Plate for any of the calibers listed above FTP $10.00
Additional Propane Torch Assy PATORCH $45.00


Please read this document if you are considering purchasing an annealer. 

Here is the .pdf file for the Annealer Instruction Manual.

Texas residents will be charged 8.25% State Sales Tax.